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Multi Strand Electric Tape Gate

Product Code: G7180
Product Image: Multi Strand Electric Tape Gate

  • Complete, all in one multi strand gate including 12.5mm tape and mounting hardware
  • Quick and easy to install. Simply attach to existing gate posts using supplied mounting hardware
  • Flexible gate width. Tape length can be adjusted to fit desired gate width
  • Compact and easy to transport
  • Simple, safe electrification as a live hook provides power to gate when closed and disconnects power when opened
  • Easy to repair. If one strand breaks, simply change out tape
  • Two models available: 2 strand, 8 metre version for cattle (G71802) and a 4 strand, 6 metre version for sheep (G71804)
  • Both gate models come with additional clips allowing the gates to hold 40mm tape.

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