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Electric Fence Energizers

The Energizer is what powers an electric fence. Gallagher energizers are available ot suit to all your animal management requirements. Choose from the advanced technology SmartPower range, or the reliable performance of the PowerPlus range of Energizers depending on your individual needs.

Electric fencing systems invariably grow over the years to meet changing conditions or circumstances, so it's a good idea to select an Energizer that will power the final system and, where possible, always use a mains powered or plug-in Energizer.

The first step is to decide the type of Energizer you want to run on your property.

Types of Energizers

Plug-in Energizers are the best choice where you have reliable power.

Plug in/Battery Powered Energizers like Gallagher SmartPower MBX Energizers combine the advantages of power with a battery backup. These Energizers are a practical choice for providing guaranteed animal control and are a must in regions where electricity is unreliable.

Permanent Battery or Solar Powered Energizers

Permanent battery or solar powered Energizers are the logical choice for remote areas where there is no electricity. A solar panel charges a battery by converting light into electricity to operate a battery powered Energizer - that operates day, night or during periods of low sunlight.

Portable Solar Powered Energizers

Gallagher PowerPlus portable solar Energizers have a built-in solar panel and provide an ideal all-in-one solution for lifestyle farmers who want a simple, efficient and cost-effective system to power their fences. They are ideal for strip grazing.

Portable Battery Powered Energizers

Portable Energizers are generally operated by a 12 volt deep cycle rechargeable battery.

B10 and B11 strip grazers are designed for single reel systems and can be operated by six "D" size ( LR20) batteries or a 12 volt rechargeable battery.

Batteries need to be recharged. So choose a battery that withstands regular charge and discharge cycles without damage - such as a marine or deep cycle type. We do not recommend using automotive batteries which are designed to supply very high current for only a short time.

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