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EID Tag Reader BR1300
(Previously: SmartReader BR1300)

Product Code: G03102
Product Image: EID Tag Reader BR1300

  • Internal Battery Reader with 1300mm x 600mm panel
  • Use for scanning animals that are on the move down race - Cattle and Deer
  • Internal rechargeable battery runs panel for minimum of 8 hours (battery charger supplied)
  • Reads both full duplex (FDX-B) and half duplex (HDX) electronic tags and is ISO and NAIT Tag compatible
  • Take Electronic Controller box home to download memory, recharge battery and secure storage
  • Batteries recharge in 6 hours (universal mains voltage charger supplied)
  • Patented one piece antenna panel
  • Automatic antenna tuning
  • Move Electronic Controller from one antenna to another
  • Slotted mounting holes for ease of installation of panel
  • Supplied with RS232 and USB cables
  • Bluetooth wireless communications to weigh scale
  • Internal memory stores 20,000 tag numbers
  • Split memory into sessions
  • Counter displays number of animals scanned
  • Bar graph battery voltage monitor
  • High volume beeper alerts of tag read
  • Beeper alerts for low battery voltage
  • Battery cable supplied for external battery power
  • Wired and wireless synchronization for running multiple readers on site
  • Myscale Pro manages Electronic Controller
    • Download records from memory
    • Clear records from memory
    • Configure reader set up
    • Diagnose environment risks (noise etc) using diagnostic utility
    • Software will be made compatible with NAIT requirements and made available free of charge after the NAIT requirements are published.

Extra information
Warranty: 1 Year
Colors: Black

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