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Stock Prod Professional - Ramp Up

Product Code: G05652
Product Image: Stock Prod Professional - Ramp Up

  • Unique patented ramp up power - the animal decides level of discomfort before moving away
  • Decreases animal stress by minimising shock delivered - especially important for animal handling prior to slaughter
  • Aluminium shaft with galvanised steel spring provides unique strength and flexibility
  • Super strong shaft absorbs sudden animal movement and reduces stress to the user
  • Comes with 89cm shaft
  • 59cm (G05653), 89cm (G05654) and 119cm (G05655) shaft lengths (when assembled) also sold separately
  • Fully sealed electronics providing the ultimate protection against moisture
  • Superior battery life - averages at least two months in typical professional usage applications
  • Easy to disassemble and spare parts are readily available

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